The aim of FairTrade in Banbury is to:

* inform people locally about fair trade

* encourage people to buy fair trade products

* encourage more local retailers to supply fair trade products

* persuade local organisations and businesses to switch to using fair trade products


Banbury achieved Fairtrade Town status in March 2006. This means that Banbury Town Council serves fairly traded coffee and tea at its meetings, offices and canteens. It promotes awareness of fair trade through its publicity channels. The town council is represented on the Banbury Fairtrade Town Steering Group.

As a town Banbury can be proud that it supports producers in the developing world, actively assisting them to work their way out of poverty. As they succeed they need less Overseas Aid and have more money to trade with the developed world

The great Fairtrade Town Car Stickers designed by Harriet Lewis-Moody are  available at £1.20 each. Please support Harriet and Banbury Fairtrade Town by displaying one on your car

The Banbury Fairtrade Steering Group is very grateful for the support from the general public, shops, places of business, places of worship, schools and colleges for their awareness of the importance of selling Fairtrade items or making items available for staff canteens etc to uphold this work to improve the lives of so many communities across the world.


We have been adding information to our Facebook page.  This is now visible on the website, go to our Facebook website page (on the menu above) to keep up to date with current news.